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The Patented Shoe Cleaning System to Wash and Dry Shoes

News & Publlicity, Invention of the Week #7: Dryer Shoe Holder

ABC's American Inventor

Bubba Wilson, "Watch out 21st century, here we come!",

The Dryer Shoe Holder puts an end to dryer din ( Glendale, CA ; June 5 , 2006 ) -Thud! Bang! Clank! These are the sounds of a standard machine dryer tossing around a pair of wet sneakers. Sometimes it seems as if there's a battle going on in there. Thankfully, one clever inventor, Richard W. Jackson Sr., is calling a truce on this sort of domestic discord. His Dryer Shoe Holder puts an end to the dilemma of machine drying cloth or athletic shoes-quickly and discreetly.

The kit comes with a pair of plastic holders that are fitted with powerful magnets. To start off, one need only place a shoe in each holder and secure it with the adjustable straps. These pieces are then firmly fastened (thanks to the magnets) on any flat surface inside any household commercial dryer. Because the Dryer Shoe Holder doesn't bounce around and stays fastened to the edges, there is still plenty of room in the machine for a good sized load of laundry.

The Dryer Shoe Holder 's standard dimensions accommodate both adult and children's shoes. Imagine the typical nightmare scenario: kids coming into the house drenched from the rain; their sneakers are doused in water and need to be dry by the next day so they can wear them to school. Under normal circumstances air drying could take anywhere from two to three days. But the Dryer Shoe Holder solves that problem in a fraction of the time.

And it's not just busy moms that will appreciate this innovation, but also athletes, and people whose physically demanding and packed work schedules require comfortable, clean athletic shoes every day. College students will appreciate the portability of the Dryer Shoe Holder . It's small and can be easily transported to a public laundry facility. The product comes in two colors: white and blue. Peace of mind and fast results. The Dryer Shoe Holder clears the loud 'battlefield' from your dryer and makes room for a quiet, quick and efficient domestic tool. Soon everyone will want to be in your shoes.

Billy Carmen     Wizard Industries, Inc.