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The Patented Shoe Cleaning System to Wash and Dry Shoes


Testimonial from Bubba Wilson, "Watch out 21st century, here we come!",

The "DRYER SHOE HOLDER" is a MUST HAVE product - especially for people like me, with children and grandchildren. The first time I used it, I was amazed with how simple it was to attach the shoes and put right in the dryer. Also, since it eliminates that loud banging noise, I forgot about them until the dryer stopped - and my daughter's shoes were dry! For years, I have always washed my family's sneakers and just had to let them air dry - which took a whole day or more. Now, I can wash them and then dry them right away - thanks to the "DRYER SHOE HOLDER"!! I loved the product so much I have already purchased another one for my babysitter to use.

Jill Stites     Merritt Island, Florida

I tried the Dryer Shoe Holder and it worked like a charm. This is a dream come true!!! Not having to sit my shoes out on top of my car or somewhere else so they can catch the sun to dry. My husband was thrilled to hear the dryer run so smoothly without the clunking noises. I will be buying two more sets!!!!

B. Allen     Florida

My Son seems to collect tennis shoes, so I let him try my dryer shoe holder first. He was truly happy to be able to wash his shoes at the last minute and still be able to wear them within a couple of hours. This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. I highly recommend this product.

Jo Ann Ashby     Rockledge, Florida

I had an opportunity to see the Dryer Shoe Holder in action this weekend as our housekeeper was drying clothes, It's awesome!

B. Carmen     California